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Employee Resources


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Make an absence event by calling AESOP @ 1 800 942 3767

2016-2017 Certified Evaluation Plan

Purchasing & Travel      Payroll Forms  
Trip Request   Time Sheets  (xls)
Travel Expense Voucher  (xls)   Transportation Time Sheet (xls)
Mileage Rate Sheet  (xls)   Direct Deposit Authorization  (pdf)
Request for PO  (doc)   Rank Change  (pdf)
    Sick Leave Donation  (pdf)
    Payroll Benefit Change  (doc)
    Salary Schedules & Paydays  (pdf)
Insurance Forms      Employment Application  
Disability Form  (pdf)   Apply Online
Workers Compensation Claim  (pdf)    
Student Insurance Claim  (pdf)   Other   
Withholding Exemption Certificate (K-4)  (pdf)   Employee Calendar  (xls)
W-4  (pdf)   Classified Evaluation Plan   (pdf)
Cancer Wellness Form  (pdf)                         AESOP / Sub Caller System