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Best attendance rate in 12 years!!

Congratulations CCSD, we finished the school year with a 95.13% attendance rate which is the best rate in the past 12 years!

Congratulations 2017 Seniors!!

Congratulations to our 2017 graduating Seniors!

Baccalaureate Service is set for Wednesday May 17 @ 6:00 pm

Class Night Ceremony is set for Thursday May 18 @ 6:00 pm

Graduation Ceremony is set for Friday May 19 @ 6:00 pm

We are proud of you!!

Proposed Second Recallable Nickel Information

This chart below explains the additional nickel equivalent tax amount for homes and farmland, which are calculated differently.



Additional Tax


Homestead/Disability Deduction($37,600)


$50,000 Home



$50,000-$37,600= $12,400


$76,000 Home(avg Home)



$76,000-$37,600= $38,400


$100,00 Home






Homes are assessed at 100% of their value where farmland is assessed for the value of their soil, which on average is about $374 per acre.  Class 1 soil is assessed at $701/acre and Class 7 soil is assessed at $159/acre. According to PVA, Ronnie Heady, there is no Class 1 soil in Crittenden Co.



Property Assessed @$374/acre (avg)

Additional Tax

100 acre farm



251 acre farm(avg CrittCo farm)



1250 acre farm

$ 467,500



This additional revenue from our property tax will increase our bonding potential from  $4.75 million to $10.9 million which would allow us to replace our 1949 MS with a new HS and renovate the current HS to accommodate MS students and staff.

April Facility Forum Scheduled

The Crittenden County BOE has scheduled a second Informational Facility Forum for Thursday, April 20 from 5:00-6:00 in the Crittenden County Middle School Library.  The BOE is interested in giving our community another opportunity to express their support or opposition on this very important and critical issue.  Supt Clark will provide a slide show  We will assemble a panel to respond to questions and give our community members 3-4 minutes to speak to the BOE.  The forum will conclude at 6:00 at which time a Special Called BOE Meeting will take place.

April BOE Meeting Schedule

April 11 @ 6:00 - BOE Working Session in Rocket Arena Conference Room

April 20 @ 6:00 - BOE Regular Meeting at Crittenden County Middle School

April 25 Meeting has been cancelled and rescheduled for April 20

Crittenden Co 4H-YELP Travels to Frankfort

Crosswalk Learning Center is Coming Back!

Great news! Crittenden County High School has been awarded the 21st Century Grant again, which will bring Crosswalk back at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.  The initial Crosswalk grant expired at the end of the 2016 school year.  The school district was notified this week that the continuation grant was successful with acquiring the funding to keep Crosswalk for at least five more years.


We are excited that Ms. Cheryl Burks will again lead the program! Crosswalk provides assistance to students after school.  There are also many student-interest programs that will be coming back.  Students, we will be talking to you!  We want to know what kinds of programs that you would be interested in having. This is your program!


No news posted

BOE Appreciation Pic. Thank you students!

BOE Appreciation Pic. Thank you students!

Crittenden Co BOE Member Bill Asbridge accepts Energy Star Status at KSBA

Crittenden Co BOE accepts Energy Star Status

Facility Plan Informational Forum set for March 14 @ 5:30 with BOE Special Called Meeting to follow at 6:00

The cancelled February 28 Regular BOE Meeting has been rescheduled as a BOE Special Called Meeting on Tuesday, March 14 following the 5:30 Facility Forum in Rocket Arena Conference Room

2 Hour Delay, today, March 1

Crittenden Co Schools are operating on a 2 hour delay today to allow these severe storms to pass.

Board Meeting 2-28-17

The regular scheduled Board Meeting for tonight (2-28-17) has been canceled.  It will be rescheduled for a later date.

ROCKET Academy Scholarship Donation

Bingham Lodge #256 makes a donation for Dual Credit Courses

District 5 BOE Vacancy- CLOSED

This vacancy is closed as of WED, Feb 22 at midnight.


Please note that the BOE Vacancy for District 5 has been verified by KDE and will begin accepting applications.  Qualified applicants can pick up an Application, Background Check form and Resident Verification form from the BOE Central Office at 601 West Elm St or online at http://education.ky.gov/districts/legal/Pages/default.aspx

All required forms must be mailed directly to:

Kentucky Commissioner of Education, 5th Floor, 300 Building, Sower Boulevard, Frankfort KY 40601

Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, February 22.  Qualified applicants will be contacted within 15 days of receipt of your application.

February BOE Working Session Changed

Please note that the February 7 BOE Working Session scheduled for 6:00 at Rocket Arena Conf Room has been rescheduled as a Special Called Meeting on February 9 at the Crittenden County BOE Central Office at 6:00.

No School Days for Crittenden County in January

Please note that the following school days have been taken in January.

January 5- No School-  NTI/Rocket Way Snow Day- Will not be made up.

January 6- No School- We will make this day up later in the School Calendar.

January 27-No School- Lady Rockets BB All A Tournament- Will be made up later in the School Calendar.

Class A Region 2 Champs

Class A Region 2 Champs

Congratulations CCHS Girls BB Team, 2nd Region Class A Champs

Our girls will play Sayre in the first round of the Class A Tournament in Frankfort on WED, Jan 25 at 5:30 cst. Our Cheer Team will be competing as well during the tournament. We are proud of our kids.  Go ROCKETS!

MLK Day, Monday Jan 16, No School

BOE Meeting changed

The BOE working session scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 10 has been rescheduled for Thursday, Jan 12 at 6:00 as a special called meeting at Rocket Arena Conf Room.

No School in Crittenden Co for Friday, Jan 6.

No School for Friday and No Learning Packets.  Just make sure your Rocket Way Snow Day #1 Packet is complete when you return to school.

No School today JAN 5, Complete RocketWay Snow Day. Packet #1

Students complete your paper Rocket Way Snow Day #1 packet or you can find your lessons on your teacher's Google site.  Also we there may be some technical difficulties with our one call system this morning so please share our announcement.

District Chromebook Initiative

Crittenden County Schools is proud to initiate our Chromebook plan for Crittenden Co Middle and High School students.  The high school rollout was initiated on December 15 and will conclude on February 3.  The middle school will initiate a daily Chromebook plan in January but all students will have access to their own personal Chromebook to complete projects and lessons.  The middle school principal and SBDM will determine at what time students may become Take-Home users.


This is an exciting time for our students and staff and the goal is to Empower and Engage students in 21st Century Learning skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration and Communication.  Teachers are also piloting Chromebook Touch devices to design lessons that involve the learner so that our students are producers of information and not just consumers of information.


Here are some details that may be of importance to parents and students:


All MS/HS students will be assigned a Chromebook.  They will be a Day User or Take Home User.

Students will be assigned the same Chromebook each year.

$20 Tech Fee for all students will help us sustain this project.  

50% repair charge for those that pay the Tech Fee.  100% repair charge for all others. Chargers=full price

We will have a few loaner devices that students may borrow while a device is repaired.

If your device is lost or stolen you must report it immediately to a school official.


Infinite Campus Outage

During the Holiday Infinite Campus will be migrating our server to a cloud based service.  This will start Friday afternoon (12/23/16) and will be completely unavailable until next Thursday, (12/29/16).  This also includes Parent Portal.

2017-2018 School Calendar Amended

Crittenden County BOE voted last night to align our 2017-18 Fall Break with the  other counties that attend the Caldwell Area Tech Center.  So the 2017 Fall Break was moved from Oct 2-6 to October 9-13.

Be watching for the next #ChromeConnect rollout date after the winter break!

If your high school child has not received his/or her Chromebook, the school will be offering additional opportunities.  Stay tuned!

ROCKET Way Snow Day Update

I’d like for our community and parents to know that our teachers have sent home 5 Rocket Way Snow Day Learning Packets for all students in the event that school is cancelled due to inclement weather.  I want to encourage parents to place these packets in a place that can be located later when you get  a Rocket Way Snow Day call. Please note that NOT every Snow Day will be a Rocket Way Learn from Home Snow Day so please listen carefully to your ONE Call messages on those days and it will be posted on our District Website and on the Crittenden Press Website.  Please call the school if your child has not brought home their learning packet.

2016 Spring Testing Results

Spring 2016 Testing News    


Crittenden County School District is pleased to announce that the district is Proficient again!  The Proficient classification reflects the combined efforts of all three schools on state testing requirements for the Spring of 2016.  


Crittenden County Elementary School and Crittenden County High School both earned Proficient classifications.  


Crittenden County Middle School’s classification is Needs Improvement.  The achievement portion of the calculation, which is one-third of the score, increased from 2014-2015.  However, the gap and growth scores decreased from the former year.  


Crittenden County Schools are always working to continuously improve.  There is a strategic plan that is driving instructional decisions as well as management decisions in the district.  All schools are pointed toward a common direction of improvement in student learning, and we are excited about the future of the district!

Congrats CCMS STLP, 3rd in the State !


CCMS Chess Team finishes 6th in the Nation

Congratulations to our CCMS Chess Team for finishing 6th out of 32 teams last week in Indianapolis.  We are proud of our team and Coach Don Winters for representing Crittenden County so well.  Crittenden missed 4th place by 1/2 of a point.  More information can be found in my Supt Blog and in the Crittenden Press this week.


CCMS Chess Team National.jpg

Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner, Dr. Stephen Pruitt, visits Crittenden County Schools.

Congratulations! Crittenden County School District has earned a Proficient rating for the second straight year.

Crittenden County High School has earned a Proficient/Progressing rating as well as the status of High Progress School. This means our high school is in the Top 10% of improving schools.

Crittenden County Elementary has earned a Proficient/Progressing rating.

Congratulations to our entire community and school staff for making Crittenden County a great place to Teach and Learn!

Notification of Right to Request Teacher Qualifications

Parents and Guardians:

     The educators in  Crittenden County are committed to providing a quality instructional program for your child.  This posting is just one of the ways of keeping you informed of the education commitment of our schools and our district.

     Our district receives federal funds for Title I programs as a part of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  Under NCLB, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teacher(s). If you request this information, the district will provide you with the following:

1. Whether the teacher has met the state requirements for licensure and certification for the grade levels and subject matters in which the teacher provides instruction;

2. Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which state qualification or licensing criteria have been waived;

3. The college major and any other graduate certification or degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the certification or degree; and

4. Whether your child is provided services by paraeducators, and if so, their qualifications.

     If you would like to request this information, please contact Diana Lusby by phone at (270)965-3525 or by email at Diana.lusby@crittenden.kyschools.us.  Please include your child's name, the name of the school your child attends, the names of your child's teacher(s) and an address or email address where the information may be sent.  Thank you for your interest and involvement in your child's education.


Empower and Engage...     

Every Student. Every Day.

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Crittenden County Schools Mission

To empower every student to become a productive, lifelong learner who contributes to the community in meaningful and positive ways


Crittenden County Schools Vision

Every student empowered to achieve his/her potential in a nurturing, engaging, and rigorous learning environment




Crittenden County is the 1st school district to pilot a PROPANE BUS!!!

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